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What color goes well with dark green?

Tips 2022-07-08 08:07:45 Clothing Care 588

Dark green is a very advanced color, with its retro feel, and the characteristics of Hong Kong-style are obvious. However, the color dark green is not often worn in daily life, so many people think that it is not versatile. It can be matched with many colors. So what color looks good with dark green?

1. Dark green + khaki. Dark green is a dark color, which is more suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. There are many common colors in autumn and winter. Khaki is the least popular. Khaki and dark green can also be matched. For example, choose a khaki sweater. Paired with a dark green coat, these two colors collide with each other, creating a retro and fashionable sense of luxury.

2. Dark green + pink. Although dark green is a dark color, it is not as bright as yellow, so some people will think it looks old. If this is the case, match it with pink. You can choose a dark green sweater with a pink mini skirt on the lower body. Note that not all pinks can be matched with it. The most suitable one is pink with gray tones. It has a nice name called Yan pink. The combination of these two colors will not make people feel tender, but also give people a girly feeling full of vitality.

What color goes well with dark green?1

3. Dark green + off-white. Among the colors, black and white are the most classic colors, and no color cannot be matched with them. In the past, everyone would always wear black and white, but in the autumn and winter of 2018, off-white was popular. This color is very temperament as long as you put on makeup. For example, using a dark green sweater with off-white cigarette pants, instantly transformed into Miss Han Fan.

4. Dark green + denim blue. Denim blue is an age-reducing and versatile color. If you don’t know how to match a dark green top, choose blue jeans. Denim blue is divided into light blue and dark blue. If it is a slightly brighter dark green, it can be matched with any blue. If it is a dull dark green, choose dark blue.