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Freshly washed clothes are always covered in wool

Tips 2022-06-13 16:06:56 Home Appliances 365

1. The washing machine filter net did not clean up

A washing machine filter, is special storage of debris in the process of washing clothes, almost every day to use the washing machine family, it is recommended to clean the filter box of the washing machine at least once a week.

2. The paper towel is not taken out of the pocket

When laundry is done, you can easily remove paper scraps from your clothes by running them in one direction with a pair of grainy rubber gloves.

3. The clothes in the washing machine shed hair

It is recommended to soak the newly bought clothes in water for 10 minutes before washing them for the first time to confirm whether they will lose their hair and color.

Freshly washed clothes are always covered in wool1

If the hair will fade, it is recommended to separate washing, dark clothes can add salt to soak together to fix the color.

If the above problems do not exist, the wool may be hidden in the washing machine between the cylinder and the cylinder, at this time you need to clean your washing machine!