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What are low-calorie vegetables?

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I believe some friends who lose weight must think that vegetarianism is easy to lose weight. The reason is that most vegetables contain relatively few calories, which can help you lose weight instead of gaining weight. So what are low-calorie vegetables?

1. Lettuce: Lettuce is very nutritious, carrots also have vitamins, cellulose and minerals, and so on. Fiber and vitamin C can help you lose weight.

2. Celery: Contains potassium, folic acid, fiber, and vitamin K, among which the content of vitamin K can reach 30% of the daily requirement. There are only 6 calories per serving of celery.

3. Carrots: Rich in vitamin A, eating carrots is good for eyesight. And for friends who lose weight, carrots have relatively low carbohydrate content and will not cause fat accumulation. During weight loss, it can be said that carrots can be eaten every day.

4. Spinach: It contains many vitamins and cellulose, which can help the stomach digest food quickly and eliminate toxins and fats. Therefore, you can usually eat some spinach to lose weight, but you need to scald it before you eat it.

What are low-calorie vegetables?1

5. Bean sprouts: Both soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts are low-calorie foods. At the same time, eating them often is good for the skin and can also inhibit the formation of fat.

6. Leek: It has a good sense of satiety. Leek can also reduce our food intake. The coarse dietary fiber in leeks is better for detoxification and slimming. Leeks are paired with eggs, or mung bean sprouts or thousand pieces are very good. tasty.