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Are Basa fish and sole fish the same kind of fish?

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The meat of the Basa fish is very delicate, and the taste is very delicious. It is rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients. So are Basa fish and sole fish a kind of fish?

Are Basa fish and sole fish the same kind of fish?1

1. Basa fillet and sole fish fillet are not the same fish.

2. Basa fillets and sole fish fillets have different prices, body shapes, and tastes. Basa fish has seriously impacted the market of sole fish fish, with low cost and high yield. The difference between basa fish and sole fish is that basa fish are relatively large, while sole fish are relatively flat and tend to be in the shape of leaves, so they can be distinguished in shape. sole fish fish has a fishy smell of seafood, and the meat is firm, while basa fish has the earthy smell of river fish, and it is easy to loosen after thawing.