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How can the jeans not fade?

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1. Salt water immersion method to prevent jeans from fading. This trick is most suitable for dealing with fading problems in denim and colored clothes, and the effect is very effective. To prevent fading of newly bought clothes, soak them in concentrated salt water for half an hour before entering the water for the first time, and then wash them according to the usual method. If there is still a slight color fading, you can soak it in light salt water for ten minutes before each washing in the water. If it goes on like this, the clothes will never fade. Usually when washing, if you can turn them inside out and then wash and dry them, you can also minimize the degree of fading. (This method can effectively solve the fading method of jeans)

2. Fold the jeans and put them in a laundry bag (or wash them by hand). Please use dishwashing detergent as the cleaning agent. Generally, detergents contain a little bleach to have a whitening effect, so the jeans are easy to fade. The essence does not contain bleach, in addition to the cleaning effect, it can also remove oil stains.

How can the jeans not fade?1

3. Jeans or other dyed new clothes contain a layer of glue (the smell of new clothes). Before washing, soak the jeans in a basin with water, then put two spoons of white vinegar and soak them for about half an hour, so that the color of the jeans will fade away. It won't be so serious, it can also make clothes soft and can fix the color to prevent fading. (white vinegar will keep the jeans from fading)

4. Reverse drying method to prevent jeans from fading. This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark clothes. The method is very simple, just turn the clothes back to dry. Here's a special reminder: Most fabrics should not be exposed to direct sunlight because UV rays are the main culprit in fading clothes. Therefore, not only should it be dried in reverse, but if possible, try to dry the clothes in a dark and ventilated place.