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How to Get Bluetooth on PC

Tips 2022-05-23 10:05:30 Computer 352

1. Click the "Start" menu on the taskbar, find "Control Panel" in the menu that appears, and then click "Control Panel" to enter the home page of control Panel.

2. On the home screen of the Control Panel, find Network and Sharing Center and click.

3. On the Network and Sharing center page, find "Change Adapter Settings" in the upper left corner and click.

4. After entering, find "Bluetooth Network Connection" and click it to see the Bluetooth device connected to your computer.

5, if you have the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar below, move the mouse to directly above it and then right-click, select "show Bluetooth device", also can see on a computer connected to the Bluetooth device.

How to Get Bluetooth on PC1