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How do I download iPhone photos to a Mac

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If you use a Mac and don't know how to download pictures from an iPhone to a laptop, here are some ways to customize it for you... Please follow these steps:

Method 1: Download images from your iPhone to your laptop from the Photos app

From the existence of Apple devices, the company introduced a very specific way to transfer files from device to device. Since then, the process has not changed.

First, connect your Mac laptop to your iPhone. You can use 30-pin cable or lightning proof cable. The Photo application should start automatically, but if it doesn't, you can start it manually using the launcher.

On the Photos application panel, you will see the blue Import button. Click on it, and then select the image to import. This will import all selected photos.

import pictures photos app

If desired, you can also select the option to automatically delete photos after import to save space. When this process is complete, you can select the Last Import option to view the last imported image.

Method 2: Use image capture to import photos from iPhone to Mac

It's a pretty easy way to download photos from an iPhone to a Mac. This method is similar to the previous one, but you will not use the Photo App to transfer photos using Image Capture. It's a photo app replacement. Here's how to use image capture:

First, connect the iPhone to a Mac laptop via a USB cable.

Now run the Image Capture application.

Now, on the interface, you will be able to see a list of devices. If not, select the iPhone option.

select images image capture

After that, you simply create a folder on your Mac to store the downloaded images.

Now, you only need to click the "import" can send photos from iPhone to Mac.

How do I download iPhone photos to a Mac1