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Hot water from the water heater is slow

Tips 2022-06-17 08:06:53 Home Appliances 617

Reasons: 1. The nozzle hose is blocked due to aging expansion, or the nozzle is blocked; 2. The hot water pipe is blocked or there is a problem with the water valve, and the hot water valve cannot be opened.

Hot water from the water heater is slow1

Suggestion: stop the tap water and check the waterway; if the water inlet valve is not open, check the water inlet valve; if the inlet and outlet pipes are blocked, it can be used after cleaning the scale in the inner tank; if the water pressure is too low, the pressure can be used normally if the pressure is higher than 0.1MPa; The valve core is stuck and the adjustment fails, and the mixing valve needs to be replaced; the safety valve is stuck, open the safety valve and the pressure relief handle has no water to prove that it is broken and needs to be replaced; the inner tank is not filled with water or the water is not full, just add water; With the shower in the off position, turn on the shower head switch.