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How to use electric water heater to save electricity

Tips 2022-06-17 08:06:01 Home Appliances 511

1. For users who do not use hot water frequently or use hot water for several days in a row, it is recommended that you turn on the electric heating one hour before using the hot water, and turn off the machine after the hot water is used up. The electric water heater can usually be turned off.

2. For users who use hot water for bathing every day, if the amount of hot water is not large, it is recommended that you heat it for 30 minutes or an hour before bathing (according to the healing power of the machine). If you take a shower at a relatively fixed time every day, you can start the timer heating function of the water heater.

How to use electric water heater to save electricity1

3. For users who wash vegetables and dishes in the kitchen, or use multi-channel hot water in the bathroom, it is recommended that you keep the electric water heater at a low temperature. Adjust the temperature according to the frequency of use and the amount of hot water, with less dosage, lower dosage, and higher dosage.

4. It is recommended that you adjust the temperature appropriately according to the season and region, such as increasing the temperature in winter and cold regions, and lowering the maximum heating temperature in summer or southern regions.