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Why do fingers have barbs?

Tips 2022-06-13 16:06:12 Home Life 673

There are small pieces of skin around the nail that turn up, also known as perinatal barbs. The main reason is that the skin is dry, which causes the proximal or lateral folds of the nail to dry and crack and become upturned. The perineal skin is slightly different from the rest of the hand, lacking hair follicles, being thinner, and lacking dermal lines and sebaceous glands. Therefore, in addition to insufficient moisturizing, the following habits can irritate the skin of your fingers and make your skin crack easily:

Why do fingers have barbs?1

1. Frequent contact with irritating materials, such as washing dishes and clothes.

2. Get regular manicures and scrape away the skin.

3. Fingers are often rubbed, for example by playing ball games.

4. Wash hands too frequently, resulting in excessive removal of the oil on the surface of the cuticle, and the cuticle loses protection and is stripped.