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Four Tips for preventing barbs

Tips 2022-06-13 16:06:55 Home Life 588

General barbs can be eliminated through normal metabolism, and must not be forced to tear, otherwise, it will not only leave an opening so that new barbs grow but also infected bacteria inflammation. Want to prevent barbs, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of hand skin, but also to pay attention to the supplementation of vitamins beneficial to the skin.

1. With vaseline, pay attention to the edges of the nails

Most people only apply hand cream to a wide range of hands, ignoring the edge of the fingers, should be carefully moisturized hand cream on nails and fingertips. You can also apply Vaseline to the edge of your nails to enhance the moisturizing effect.

2. Wear gloves when touching irritating materials

Dishwashing liquid, washing clothes and other irritant substances, but also excessive away hand grease, washing dishes, laundry should wear gloves to isolate irritant substances.

Four Tips for preventing barbs1

3. Take vitamins

Lack of vitamin B2, and B6 can bring about seborrheic dermatitis and lip dry crack, and lack of vitamin C can let the wound heal poor, and easy to split. Should eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, help skin health, and reduce the appearance of barbs.

4. Use sharp, clean nail clippers to remove the barbs

Tear barb with mouth and hand tear not clean, not only painful, and still can bleed easy infection. Should cut with sharp nail clipper along barb root, let its proper motion cicatrization can.