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Tips to prevent motion sickness

Tips 2022-06-23 09:06:03 Home Life 258

1. Fresh ginger

Take the fresh ginger slices in your hand while driving and smell them under your nose at any time, so that the spicy taste can be inhaled into your nose. You can also stick the ginger slices on the navel and fix it with an ointment for relieving dampness and pain. Or cut ginger into a pen shape and apply it to the person under the nose, the effect is also good.

2. Orange peel

About an hour before taking the vehicle, fold the fresh orange peel inside out, fold it inward, and squeeze with two fingers at the two nostrils, and an aromatic oil mist will be sprayed from the peel. It can be inhaled more than 10 times before riding, and can also be inhaled at any time during the ride to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.

3. Essential oil

On the way to the car, rub some wind oil essence on the temple or Fengchi point, which can effectively improve the motion sickness. In addition, you can also drop two drops of wind essential oil in the place of the navel, and cover it with wound dampness pain reliever cream, which has a noticeable effect.

Tips to prevent motion sickness1

4. Vinegar

Drink a glass of warm boiled water with vinegar before riding, and you will not get motion sickness on the way.

5. Injury Pain Relief Cream

Before taking the car, apply the ointment to the navel to prevent motion sickness.

6. Finger pinch Neiguan point

When motion sickness occurs, if you do not have the above items to prevent motion sickness, don't panic. You can use your thumb to pinch the Neiguan point (on the palm of the wrist, about two horizontal fingers on the wrist crease, between the two tendons). Motion sickness symptoms can also improve over time.