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How does the hand touch thing often have static electricity to do

Tips 2022-06-09 09:06:31 Home Life 521

Rub hand cream

Dry weather is prone to static electricity. If static electricity is serious, you can apply a layer of hand cream on your hands, so that there will be no static electricity when you touch things with your hands.

Use less chemical fiber products

Autumn and winter season as little as possible to wear chemical fiber material clothes, because this kind of clothing fabric does not absorb moisture, too dry, so friction is very easy to produce static electricity, do not wear this kind of clothes can reduce the generation of static electricity.

Drink more water

The body is easy to produce conditions and dry has a lot to do with it, so we should drink more water and replenish water to the body in time so that we can reduce the situation of static electricity after touching things.

How does the hand touch thing often have static electricity to do1

Use a fabric softener to wash clothes

When washing clothes in winter, you can add an appropriate amount of softener, which can reduce the friction between fiber fabrics, reduce the surface resistance, and prevent charge aggregation, so that it can also play a certain role in preventing static electricity.

Wear conductive materials on your hands

In addition, you can also wear a bracelet watch with a metal shell on your hand, or take a key with a metal shell, a lighter, etc., so that the metal objects in your hand can lead electricity before touching objects prone to static electricity, and will not be affected by static electricity.