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Water heater of solar energy of choose and buy notices 6 standards

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It is durable standard: the material of solar water heater, technology, craft is different, service life is different also, have used 3 years, 5 years, also have can use 10 years. As the hot water supply facilities on the roof, the new and old solar water heater does not affect the aesthetic degree of the room, so there is no need to worry about the replacement of the problem. To buy time to consider the long-term, performance, specifications, and functions to be comprehensive. Otherwise, after 3 years solar water heater appears not hot, the function lagged waiting for a problem, changing, uneconomical, does not change, and using uncomfortable. So the beginning of the purchase should be fully measured, to avoid the purchase for a short period to regret the situation.

2 it is collect heat standard: vacuum tube is the heart of solar water heater, vacuum tube collects heat ability strong or weak is the important sign that measures water heater performance bad actor, also be the important factor that affects water heater heat supply quantity.

At present, three high vacuum tubes on the market apply patent three high coating technology, the vacuum degree reaches 10-4PA, and performance almost does not decay after more than ten years. The inferior vacuum tube is used as the standard of heat preservation bottle gallbladder to do, vacuum degree only 10-1 -- 10-2PA, neither heat absorption nor heat preservation after 35 years, only the action of water.

Three is the heat preservation standard: the storage tank is the solar water heater "hot water warehouse", its performance is mainly reflected in the heat preservation effect: good insulation layer using imported raw materials, automatic constant temperature high-pressure quantitative foam insulation process, and by high temperature curing treatment, heat preservation performance is high and stable lasting. Inferior insulation foam is not even, the performance drops sharply after 23 years.

Good solar thermal insulation materials and advanced thermal insulation process can ensure a good thermal insulation effect, hot water temperature drop less after the night, and the night still has hot water.

The water heater of solar energy of choosing and buy notices 6 standard summer uses solar energy water heater 3 points.

Water heater of solar energy of choose and buy notices 6 standards1

Four is scale standard: ordinary water heater in hot water quantity, intelligent control degree, operation cost, water safety, and other aspects can not meet the hot water demand of modern families. The ideal water heater should not only solve the problems that ordinary solar water heaters, gas water heaters,s, and electric water heaters cannot solve but also meet people's demand for a large amount of water, intelligent, free hot water.

Five is the cold standard: the winter sun is weak, the light time is short, the temperature is low, the temperature difference is large, and the demand for hot water is greater, which is the key period of the test of solar energy.

Previous products due to technical limitations, winter, rainy days with little use. Now with the invention of interference coating technology, the heat collection performance of three high vacuum tubes is greatly improved, coupled with the application of automatic constant temperature and high-pressure quantitative foam insulation process (must be treated by high-temperature curing), comprehensive outdoor pipeline insulation and anti-freezing measures, solar energy in winter, cloudy and rainy days can be used, easy to use has become a reality. "Heat is the absolute truth" becomes the gold standard to measure whether solar energy is qualified or not.

The demand for hot water is more obvious in winter, especially when it is cold. Having adequate and economical hot water is the dream of many families, and this dream is completely achievable. When choosing a solar energy water heater besides paying attention to the product itself collect heat performance, and heat preservation ability should see its installation more whether standard, service is perfect.

Six is the accessories standard: solar water heater is a heating water system, the good host also needs good auxiliary machine and accessories to use to achieve good use effect. The quality of the original accessories of the solar water heater should be matched with the host. It is not only guaranteed in the use effect and life but also can be solved in a timely and effective way. Some businesses or users to figure cheap and save trouble, randomly select a kind of accessories to use, the results used up small faults, some also caused a huge loss, looking for people can not be found. A user in northeast China lost more than 100,000 yuan due to the large icicles formed by water leakage caused by the use of inferior parts.