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How to Find Where is My Phone Android

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Finding my device depends on enabling two things: the feature itself (of course) and Google's location services. In addition, mobile phone must be turned on and logged in Google account.

The Find My Device feature is part of Pixels, the standard operating system on several Other Android phones, and is usually turned on by default. Note that some Android models may offer different apps; Samsung Mobile phones, for example, have their own Find My Mobile applications.

If you want to use Google's Find My Device, you can check if it is the Android version of your phone.

Go to Settings > Security and Find find my device.

If the application has been listed but closed, please click on it and use the switch to open it.

Now you're ready. If you can't find your phone, just go to Google's search page and type "Find my device." You will get you registered in the Google list of the equipment; Select what you are looking for. Choose one.

You will be to "find my device" page, the page will name your mobile phone, the last time the ping (and it is using the wi-fi network name) and the current of the battery. Google Maps will show you where your phone was last located.

If you don't have Google Apps but want to use it instead of the manufacturer-installed app, or if you want to use an Android tablet instead of a computer to Find your phone or watch, you can visit the Play Store and install Google's Find My Device app.

How to Find Where is My Phone Android1

Next, you can check if the location is enabled:

Go to your phone's Settings and find Location. Whether it's on or off, it shows up under the title.

If it is off, click on the location and turn it on.

You can also check which applications have access to your location and which have recently used it. If you would like to take this opportunity to fine-tune this setting, click Apply Location Permissions to adjust location permissions Settings.