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What causes yellow teeth

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Calcium deficiency

When a person is deficient in calcium, there may be yellowing of the teeth. Although calcium deficiency itself will not cause the color of the teeth to change, calcium deficiency can cause the density of the teeth to decrease, become soft, and the pigment will more easily enter the teeth. Inside. Therefore, people with calcium deficiency may have yellow teeth, and timely calcium supplementation is the key to improvement.

Drink mineral water

Everyone usually drinks mineral water when they go out! Occasionally drinking some mineral water will not be a problem, but if you drink it for a long time, it may cause your teeth to turn yellow. Because mineral water contains a lot of fluorine, this ingredient can make teeth yellow. Usually, at home, it is recommended to drink boiled water is better.

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Drink black or dark tea

People who love tea will generally have yellow teeth. Whether it is black tea or green tea, they contain a lot of oxides, which will make the color of the teeth yellow. In fact, not only the teeth, but if you use the same cup and teapot to make tea every time, even the tea set will change color. The higher the oxide content, the more yellowish the teeth are.

Medicated toothpaste

Using ointments with various medicinal ingredients may turn your teeth yellow. Nowadays, many ointments claim to have added medicinal ingredients, such as safflower, Tianqi, etc. The price of these toothpaste is generally quite expensive. However, long-term use of medicated toothpaste may cause pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, and may also make teeth yellow.