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What should I do if the mercury thermometer is broken?

Tips 2022-06-24 08:06:38 Home Life 415

Broken mercury thermometers are very common in daily life. The specific treatment measures are as follows: 

1. Ventilate. Mercury remains in a liquid state at room temperature, but it is not easy to evaporate at room temperature. Therefore, after the mercury is omitted from the thermometer, it is necessary to open the doors and windows in time to prevent the mercury in the air from being inhaled into the human body because it cannot be diffused in the house for a long time. 

What should I do if the mercury thermometer is broken?1

2. When handling broken mercury thermometers, you need to wear masks and gloves. 

3. You can use a cotton swab or tape to absorb the mercury. 

4. Put the absorbed mercury into an airtight container. 

5. For mercury-contaminated areas, rinse with 10% bleaching powder liquid.