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How to distinguish genuine Lancome perfume from fake?

Tips 2022-07-22 08:07:24 Home Life 627

Perfume is a must-have product for every beauty-loving MM, but there are also many counterfeit products on the market, which often make consumers hard to guard against, and they will be tricked if they are not careful. So how to tell the true and false Lancome perfume?

1. Production date: Lancome is an internationally renowned brand, and the printed production date should also be in line with the international printing order. Check the production date to have a fixed rule. For example, take CY054 as an example, Y represents the year 03, and the next three digits represent the day on which the product was manufactured in that year. So CY054 means that the fifty-fourth day of 2003 is the effective production date.

2. Product number: Each Lancome product, from perfume to make-up, has a unique product number. On the official website, you can enter the product number to check the authenticity (even the Q version has a unique product number).

How to distinguish genuine Lancome perfume from fake?1

3. Workmanship: The surface and packaging of the genuine Lancome perfume bottle are very delicate. The logo and text on the bottle body are slightly raised, and the color is not easy to fall off. The texture is even and smooth to the touch. The logo and text of the counterfeit products are all printed, especially the golden rose on the bottle body, the color will fall off when you scratch it with your fingernail.

4. Smell: The fragrances of Lancome's classic perfume series are pure, without the pungent alcohol smell and the unpleasant smell that is too strong. The unique composition of perfume can be divided into fantasy type, floral type, and so on. The fantasy series perfume is sprinkled on textiles, and the perfume scent can last for at least 70 hours. Even the enchanting and rich floral scents last for more than 60 hours.