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Five keys to choosing a humidifier

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:20 Home Appliances 1166

1.Focus on safety. While humidifiers are less potentially dangerous, they still involve electricity. Because this is bought, should choose the product that normal manufacturer produces, lest use electricity safety problem appears in using process.

2. Determine the humidification quantity. Humidification quantity refers to the number of milliliters of water atomized by a humidifier per hour. When purchasing a humidifier, select a humidification quantity based on the space size of the humidifier to avoid insufficient or excessive humidity.

3. Avoid loud noises. Although some humidifiers have a good atomization effect, they make a lot of noise when running, which will affect our work efficiency and quality of life. Therefore, we should try before buying, and humidification intensity to the maximum to test the size of the noise.

Five keys to choosing a humidifier1

4. No white powder can be produced. In some inferior ultrasonic humidifiers, calcium and magnesium in the water may be broken into particles, which are dispersed directly into the air and deposited on furniture and the ground with a layer of white powder. Such humidifiers will bring secondary pollution to the air, pay attention to the manual when buying.

5. With automatic adjustment function. When the air humidity is insufficient, it can automatically humidify, when the air reaches a certain humidity, it can stop humidifying. The automatic adjustment function makes it convenient for us not to pay attention to indoor humidity all the time.