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What reason is lip dryness crackle skin?

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:18 Home Appliances 600

Regular lips chapped skin, because of the lack of water and lack of vitamins caused by the usual eat more fresh vegetables and fruit pay attention to increase dietary nutrition when necessary can take six and vitamin pills treatment. Want to improve the chapped lips, or peeling phenomenon, suggest a day drink a cup of fruit juice more than three fruit extract, replenish rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, such as broccoli, kiwi, carrots, etc., do not use spicy food, it is important to avoid the heat, of course, we also can use a humidifier to relieve dry around, improve the condition of dry skin.

The humidifier works by emitting a thin cloud of water vapor that floats in the air to relieve you of dry conditions. So, how to use the humidifier to maximize the effect?

A humidifier can increase the humidity in the air, improve air quality, and reduce the discomfort caused by dry air to the human body. However, if used improperly, it will have the opposite effect, not only failing to improve air quality, but also causing various diseases.