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How to eat Dendrobium?

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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to health care, and Dendrobium has a good health care effect. It has always been listed as a top-grade Chinese medicine like Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and Cordyceps Sinensis. So how to eat Dendrobium?

1. Fresh food

Fresh Dendrobium can clear heat, nourish yin, and promote body fluid. It can absorb a lot of plant fiber, absorb waste and toxins in the body, and help excrete it from the body. Fresh food can also obtain more fresh chlorophyll from plants, purify the blood, and regenerate cells. , Accelerate wound recovery, inhibit the occurrence of mutant cells, and fresh food can also fully absorb the enzyme components in food to promote human metabolism.

2. Make tea

Since Dendrobium officinale needs to be boiled for a long time to release its active ingredients, it is difficult to separate when brewed in boiling water. Therefore, when making tea, it is best to knock it flat and boil it for more than 30 minutes before making tea, which can clear the stomach and stomach. Cool and caffeine free.

How to eat Dendrobium?1

3. Stew

It is more suitable for people with poor digestive systems or older people.

4. Powder

The most effective way is to take it as a powder. It is more convenient to take it directly or brew it with warm water, and the absorption is not affected. Dendrobium is cold, so you can put some red dates, wolfberry, etc. to stew together. Of course, the accessories are not added casually, it is best to ask the doctor.