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What to do about the creaking bed

Tips 2022-06-28 09:06:17 Home Life 620

The creaking sound is a common problem of many beds, and it is also a very annoying thing. In the dead of night, the sound is especially harsh. So what about the creaking bed?

What to do about the creaking bed1

1. If the fixed position of the bed board is creaking, it may be because the nails are loose. At this time, you only need to re-tighten the nails.

2. If the force of the two-bed boards is uneven, and the creaking noise is caused by the friction of the gap, you can use talcum powder to lubricate and sprinkle it on the gap of the bed board.

3. If the creaking sound is caused by the deformation of the bed foot, you can find a tripod to fix it at the connection between the bed frame and the bed foot.