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Can the silk bed sheets and duvet cover be machine washed?

Tips 2022-06-28 09:06:38 Clothing Care 355

The comfort of silk quilts is very high, so many users now choose silk quilts when buying quilts. However, the price of silk quilts is generally not cheap, so many users will be more careful when cleaning silk quilts to avoid damage to the silk. So are silk sheets and duvet covers machine washable?

Can the silk bed sheets and duvet cover be machine washed?1

1. The silk sheets and quilt cover can be washed in a washing machine.

2. The silk quilt (if it is a real silk quilt) cannot be washed in water, otherwise the quilt will be scrapped. The quilt cover is generally made of cotton or blended material, so it can be machine washed. As for the gear, you can choose standard wash or mixed wash, it depends on what material it is (there will be a mark on the external label).

3. In particular, do not wash the silk quilt, nor can it be washed with the silk quilt and the quilt cover. In short, the silk itself cannot be washed in water. If the silk cannot be put back after it is removed, it is not recommended to wash it by yourself. You can take it to a professional laundry and let them help you deal with it.