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New car smell is very big how to do?

Tips 2022-06-13 16:06:55 Home Life 416

1. Natural ventilation and drying method

From an economic perspective, the new car after the start of ventilation and take out your interior exposure is the best way to remove the peculiar smell, at no cost to this method is simple, if the weather is good effect is also very obvious, but the downside is too time-consuming and rely on the weather if you want to completely remove odor and harmful gas not ten days half a month is not enough.

2. Bamboo charcoal bag

This is many car owners into the new car, in addition, to smelling like, the bamboo charcoal package has a very strong adsorption capacity, can effectively clear the peculiar smell in the car, and the validity of the bamboo charcoal package is long, the most important thing is that the price of the bamboo charcoal package is cheaper, a lot of places can buy that new car in the use of the bamboo charcoal package, recommended replaced every three months, Can better ensure that the air inside the car is fresh.

3. Open the window for ventilation

In a new car is the most important thing is to open a window ventilated, new car interior materials are relatively new, so in the process of driving needs timely ventilation, the toxic gas in the car timely eduction, can let the car's air more pure and fresh, so in the process of driving form the habit of opening the window, can not only remove the odor, at the same time guarantee the air inside the car and drive there will not be sleepy.

New car smell is very big how to do?1

4. Fruit skins

The seemingly insignificant skin is very good in removing odor, especially grapefruit skin, its flavor removal effect, and bamboo charcoal package flavor removal effect is similar, adsorption capacity is relatively strong, can be the odor of the car in time adsorption, keep the car environment fresh.

5. Car perfume romance

Car perfume is also very popular now, perfume can drive peculiar smell, to love the car to build a romantic car living environment, in personal taste, perfume is also a good choice, but perfume cannot purify harmful gas, can only cover up the peculiar smell, this we must understand.

6. Car air purifier

With the improvement of living standards, many owners will be installed the car air purifiers, car air purifier is the odor removal using technology the car, car air purifier, the price is different also, dozens to hundreds of all have recommended knew more about when to buy, avoid to buy some bad quality car air purifier.