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A method of cleaning ink from clothes

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1. New ink stains or dirty time is not long clothes can be placed in hot milk or sour milk soak, and easy to remove.

2. Ink spots on general clothing can choose oxalic acid 1, 10 parts of water made of mixed solution, heating, in the hot state with the cotton ball dipping after careful scrubbing. As soon as the ink spots disappear, rinse with a little warm ammonia solution.

A method of cleaning ink from clothes1

3. Ink stains on wool and cotton clothing can be removed with a 10% citric acid solution.

4. Other methods. Because the clothes cloth is different, the reaction degree to ink is not the same, the material used to clean ink is not the same, to avoid hurting your love clothes, in the use of the above introduction for the use of clothes without hurting clothes method still can not wash off the ink, you can choose to send clothes to professional laundry processing.