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Precautions for cleaning contact lenses

Tips 2022-06-21 07:06:00 Home Life 366

1. When cleaning the lens, first drop the contact lens solution on the lens, and gently rub both sides of the lens with the index finger up and down for 10 seconds. Never touch the lens with your fingernails.

2. Rinse the lenses with the contact lens solution, please follow the instructions on the package of the solution. After rinsing, place the contact lenses in a clean lens case, the lenses must be completely soaked in the solution.

Precautions for cleaning contact lenses1

3. The use period of contact lens care solution is generally 3-6 months after opening the bottle, depending on different care solutions.

4. The mirror case needs to be rinsed every day, and the mirror case needs to be disinfected once a week. A new mirror case can not be replaced for more than 3 months at most.