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What is the difference between goose down quilt and silk quilt?

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With the improvement of living standards, people have increasingly stringent requirements for bedding. Especially in terms of quilts, heavy cotton quilts have been abandoned, and silk quilts and down quilts have become necessities for people who pursue a quality life. So what is the difference between a goose-down quilt and a silk quilt?

1. Silk quilts can be described as green and healthy quilts, because when silkworms are breeding, not only the silkworms themselves cannot touch pesticides, but also their food, mulberry leaves, cannot be sprayed with pesticides, so silk is healthy, green, and environmentally friendly. Natural health fiber. A silk quilt made entirely of mulberry silk is also good at keeping warm.

What is the difference between goose down quilt and silk quilt?12. The main fillings of down quilts are generally goosed down and duck down. The grade of goose down is higher than that of duck down, but whether it is goose down or duck down, as long as the down quilt content is more than 50%, it is a down quilt. The duvet has better warmth retention, good hygroscopicity, and dialysis, so the duvet will not feel stuffy.

3. In terms of weight, a blanket needs to be covered with a silk quilt in winter. The warmth retention is better than a duvet. For the middle-aged and the elderly and the infirm, the duvet is relatively warmer. But in terms of fit, the silk quilt is better, while the duvet and the body have a larger gap.