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Buy a wave wheel washing machine or buy a drum washing machine?

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:34 Home Appliances 1310

If on the working principle, the washing machine can be divided into stirring type, wave type, and drum type. At present, the first kind has almost disappeared, and the latter two have become the current mainstream. The Japanese invented the wave type, while the drum type originated in Europe, each with its advantages, and each with its disadvantages.

Relatively speaking, the wave type washing rate is high, electricity-saving, low noise, easy to move, a single washing time is saved; Disadvantages are high wear rate of clothing, water costs.

Buy a wave wheel washing machine or buy a drum washing machine?1

The advantages of drum type are: the lowest wear rate of clothing, relatively water saving, can be washed with hot water; Disadvantage is: laundry time is long, cost electricity, noise is big, can not move, because of its low washing rate can only be made up with hot water washing, the cold water heating can only use electricity, so time and cost electricity.