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Why is the Apple mobile phone charging cable easily damaged?

Tips 2022-07-05 08:07:29 Home Appliances 975

For users who often use Apple mobile phones, the most annoying thing is the expensive original data cable. Many people complain that their data cables have to be replaced with a new one every once in a while, so why is the Apple mobile phone charging cable easy to break? Woolen cloth?

1. The plugging method is incorrect. Many people do not pay attention to the method of pulling the data cable, and some people directly pull the cable when pulling out. Solution: Press and hold the charging head with your finger and pull it out directly without twisting.

2. The number of charging times is too frequent! Many users charge the battery when it is nearly empty. After a 10% charge, unplug and recharge, which will shorten the life of the charging cable. Solution: When all the electricity is used up, recharge it again to reduce the use of the charging cable.

3. The quality of the data line is too poor, which will also accelerate the loss of the data line. Solution: Buy an authentic data cable from Apple on the official website. If it is expensive, you can buy an officially authorized data cable.

Why is the Apple mobile phone charging cable easily damaged?1

4. Lack of necessary protection, the random arrangement of the data cable causes the data cable to be entangled or bitten by pets. Solution: Put it in a special digital bag to avoid dust and pets playing. Many people like to play with equipment while charging. When playing, they accidentally press the thread, which is easy to damage the thread. Solution: Be careful when playing the device while charging, and don't play while charging.

5. There is no reasonable protection tool for the threaded part! Solution: Use springs or tape to protect threaded joints! Usually, when using the data cable, try not to repeat the broken line, and do not step on the ground at will. These violent acts are the main culprits that cause the data cable to break.