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How to clean the phone's screen?

Tips 2022-06-16 12:06:47 Home Appliances 441

1. Use detergent water or eyeglass care solution to remove dirt on the phone

Use detergent water or eyeglass care solution for the outer screen, alcohol for the inner screen, dab a little with a cotton cloth, and then dry it (a soft glasses cloth is best).

2. Use toothpaste to remove scratches on the phone

Squeeze an appropriate amount of toothpaste onto a wet rag, and apply it to the scratched area of the phone screen back and forth. You will find that the scratches on your phone's screen will disappear as a result. Amazing, right? The principle is that toothpaste is not only an auxiliary product for brushing teeth but also has friction and repair functions, which can remove plaque and clean and polish the tooth surface. Therefore, it will have the same effect on the mobile phone screen.

How to clean the phone's screen?1

3. Replace the old film that cannot be cleaned with a new film

Buy a screen film, and use the cloth inside the film to wipe the screen clean without dust, as long as the screen sticker and the phone screen are wiped clean, the film will be automatically glued on the phone screen and there will be no air bubbles, if there are air bubbles, Tear off the film, rinse with tap water, remove the dust on the side where the film is pasted with adhesive tape, and then wipe the screen clean, as long as you are careful, it will be easy to stick.