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How to clean the kitchen ventilator

Tips 2022-06-16 12:06:05 Home Appliances 605

When cleaning the range hood, most people are used to dismantling and cleaning, which wastes time and easily damages the parts. Now introduces a cleaning method that does not need to disassemble the machine, but also saves time and effort.

1. Take a plastic bottle (all kinds of beverage bottles that can be flattened by hand), use a sewing needle to poke more than 10 small holes in the cover, then put an appropriate amount of detergent, and add warm water Shake well.

2. Start the range hood, and use a plastic bottle full of cleaning essence to spray the cleaning liquid on the part to be washed. At this time, it can be seen that oil and dirty water flow into the oil storage hopper together, and pour down as it is full.

How to clean the kitchen ventilator1

3. After the cleaning solution in the bottle is used up, continue to prepare and repeat the cleaning. Until the outflowing dirty water becomes clear, depending on the degree of fouling, it can be rinsed after 3 times of cleaning.

4. If there is a mesh cover on the outside of the fan blade, it is advisable to remove the mesh cover first to enhance the washing effect.

5. Use a rag to clean the area around the air intake, the surface of the casing, and the lampshade.