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What does electric auxiliary heating mean?

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It can be said that air conditioners are now installed in every household, and the functions of air conditioners are also more. In addition to cooling and heating, they can also dehumidify. So what does electric auxiliary heating mean?

What does electric auxiliary heating mean?1

1. Electric auxiliary heating is an auxiliary electric heating function. Air conditioning generally depends on the power of the compressor in terms of cooling and heating. The basic principle is the same. In summer, the cooling effect can be achieved by reducing the air conditioner by a few degrees, but in winter, Usually, the temperature will increase by dozens of degrees. At this time, it is difficult to achieve the ideal effect by relying on the compressor to do work. At this time, auxiliary electric heating is required.

2. Theoretically, additional electric heating is used to increase the heating capacity, and the effect will be significantly better. PTC is a kind of semiconductor heating ceramic. When the external temperature decreases, the resistance value of PTC decreases, and the calorific value increases accordingly.