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What tops look good with white sweatpants?

Tips 2022-07-18 08:07:42 Clothing Care 760

White sweatpants have always been a versatile item. They can be worn all year round and can give people different feelings when matched with different tops. So what kind of tops look good with white sweatpants?

1. With a suit. It is recommended to wear a black suit with a baseball cap of the same color. It is casual and temperamental and suitable for wearing in spring or autumn. It has a sporty style and makes people look very comfortable.

2. Pair with a sweater. The sweater is dark-colored, which gives people a visual collision and look very comfortable. It is suitable for wearing in spring or autumn, keeping warm and good-looking.

What tops look good with white sweatpants?1

3. Pair with short sleeves. White sweatpants will look great with short sleeves of any color, and paired with a pair of sneakers for summer, cool and casual.

4. Pair with short long sleeves. White sweatpants are paired with short long sleeves, and the waistline is pulled up a lot in an instant, making the whole person look tall. It is very suitable for small people to wear. It can be matched with short and long sleeves of different styles. People have the feeling of a gentle girl, and a cooler one, it gives people a cold and handsome feeling.