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What should I do if some keys fail after the laptop keyboard is in water

Tips 2022-06-16 13:06:52 Home Appliances 1042

Water entering the keyboard is a problem that almost every student will encounter, so when the keyboard enters water or drinks, how to solve it? The following will introduce to you how to deal with the water on the keyboard.

1. Check the keyboard

First, remove the screws and disassemble them directly up and down. The soft glue under the keyboard keycap is the key to the percussion feel. The heart of the keyboard: the matrix and control panel. Finally found the cause: the matrix circuit was corroded. Coke traces were found, and it was determined that the culprit was Coke corrosion.

What should I do if some keys fail after the laptop keyboard is in water1

2. The solution process

The copper foil strips are carefully attached to the original wiring. Cut the copper foil paper into strips and stick it over the corroded lines. Because the matrix circuit is very close, it is easy to cause multiple short circuits if you are not careful, so that the keyboard does not operate normally, so you should first lay the bottom of the plastic circuit with tape and then stick the copper foil. After walking a piece of copper foil, put a layer of tape at the bottom. Different road sections and different layers will not be too close to cause a short circuit. After covering and pasting, use a universal meter to test it again, and the normal access will announce that the resurrection is complete. Put the keyboard back on again, and the familiar percussion feel comes back to you again.