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What color jacket goes with a green sweater?

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The sweater first appeared in New York, the USA in the 1930s. To configure the tooling for the cold storage workers at that time, because of its comfortable and warm characteristics, it was favored by athletes and soon became popular among football players' girlfriends and music stars.

1. The green sweater is paired with a black jacket, which is thin, airy, and fresh.

2. Black is a background color that can be matched with any color. It is also very eye-catching when paired with green. Black motorcycle leather jackets are often worn by everyone, so wear a green sweater inside. The green of this sweater can be any green. You can't go wrong no matter what you wear. If you want to look good in a set, you can’t just look at the jacket and the inner top, but the pants are also very important. A short motorcycle leather jacket is paired with a green short sweater, and green straight-leg pants are good.

What color jacket goes with a green sweater?1

3. The combination of a black leather jacket and a green sweater is very refreshing. This leather jacket can be longer. It's nice to cover the hips too. Layer it over an avocado green crew-neck sweater and black loose-fitting wide-leg pants underneath. Looks casual and refreshing. However, this sweater is a bit long, and it will look a little short with loose pants. This combination is suitable for tall and thin girls.

4. In addition to the small black leather jacket, this black baseball jacket, or a sports-style casual jacket paired with a green sweater will also look good. Refreshing and casual. Because the top is shorter, the matching pants are preferably narrow-leg pants, and black straight-leg pants are the most practical. The green sweater paired with a casual jacket can be long or short. Because the waistline of the short jacket itself is high, even if the green sweater is longer, it does not affect the proportion of the body.