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What jacket should a boy wear over his shirt?

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A shirt is a top that is worn between the inner and outer tops and can also be worn alone. Men's shirts usually have chest pockets and cuffs. So what jacket should a boy wear over his shirt?

1. White shirt with a black suit jacket. A black suit with a white shirt has a classic black and white with a sense of sight, making the overall shape simple and low-key, delicate and high-end. Especially the blessing of black leather shoes makes this style full of formality and solemnity, and it is a style that makes people feel good for the first time. This is also the most classic look among boys' suits. There is no one. It has been like this since suits have been around. Especially when boys attend more solemn occasions, they all use this style to make themselves shine. The high-level sense of appearance and excellent body proportions.

What jacket should a boy wear over his shirt?1

2. White shirt with a denim jacket. A blue denim suit, paired with a white shirt and leather shoes of the same color, has a cool and stylish overall look, with a touch of formality and sparkle. In particular, the blessing of the tie deepens the sense of formality. The short denim jacket and flared jeans create a good body proportion and the eye-catching effect of long legs against the sky, which makes this style more individual and unique.

What jacket should a boy wear over his shirt?2

3. A grey-purple shirt with a plaid jacket. A very casual style, especially the gray-purple shirts are fresh and elegant, with a campus-style temperament, and the black and white checked jacket with the blessing adheres to this style. These are those who like the college style. One of the favorite collocations of the boys, it emphasizes his low-key and restrained side, as well as the simple and exquisite sense of taste. Shirts are versatile and one of the most tonal fashion items, which can express more forceful accents and the beauty of details.

What jacket should a boy wear over his shirt?3