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How do I wash the correction fluid out of my clothes

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Clean with balm essence

Usually, modify the wrong word and often use correction fluid, if you are not careful, correction fluid will touch the hand, it is difficult to wash off there is a common thing that can solve this problem - balm.

With wind put the hands are white, and then with a paper towel to wipe, we can see the hands of the white is easy to be cleaned off, then the wind also can deal with a touch of white on the clothes, the white-out on a piece of cloth, such as white dry after use wind to soaked with white, with the hand rub, white was gone.

How do I wash the correction fluid out of my clothes1

Alcohol cleaning

Carelessly make wax paper correction liquid dyed clothes, available alcohol drops in the stains of clothes, repeatedly wipe, finally rinse clean with water, to be dry after stains can be removed.

Wash with nail polish remover

In addition to balm, nail polish remover can also wipe out the correction fluid. Apply the correction solution to a piece of cloth. After the correction solution has dried, soak the area with nail polish remover. Rub it with your hands and the correction fluid disappears, which seems to be a good way to wipe it off. However, nail polish remover contains substances that are harmful to the skin. If you get a correction fluid on your hands, a harmless balm is still your first choice.