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How to Make a Video Presentation With PowerPoint

Tips 2022-05-20 14:05:04 PowerPoint 655

Here's  the way to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a video.

1.With the presentation open, head over to File on the PowerPoint toolbar and select Export to view the export options.

2.In the Export menu, select Create a Video. You are now ready to save the presentation as a video.

3.In the drop-down menu, you can choose how to export the presentation: with narration (if you’ve already recorded it) or without. If you want to record a narration at this point, click ‘Record Timings and Narration.’ 

4.Choose how long each of your slides will appear. Manage the speed of the demonstration in the small drop-down menu.

5.Click on the Create video tab to start downloading your video.

How to Make a Video Presentation With PowerPoint1