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Can men's underwear be washed with soap?

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:44 Clothing Care 374

Yes, but washing with soap for a long time is not recommended.

A kind of soap and detergent has a strong decontamination ability, so also can be used to clean underwear, but not recommended for long-term use soap clean underwear, on the one hand, hand washing soap is easy to stimulate the skin, if washing is not completely, briefs on the residual chemicals will be to stimulate the skin, causing skin is dry, peeling, etc.

Can men's underwear be washed with soap?1

On the other hand, alkaline substances in soap will destroy the fiber of underwear to a certain extent, which will lead to yellow and hard underwear and shorten the service life, so it is not recommended to wash underwear with soap for a long time.