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How to Check T-Mobile Balance

Tips 2022-05-23 08:05:35 Mobile 715

To check the balance on a T-Mobile phone:

You just need to go to the dial pad of your T-Mobile, dial #225#, and press the call button.

You can also dial #BAL# and press the call button.

How to Check T-Mobile Balance1

After a few minutes, you will receive an alert message stating the up-to-date balance of your T-Mobile device

When you have only 20% of the data balance remaining or When you used 80% and 100 % of your data on T-Mobile you do get free messages from the service provider at each threshold which helps you keep track and not pay a huge amount on the extra data usage.

These messages are helpful as the speed declines or in some cases, the service completely stops in case of complete data usage.