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How to remove hot pot smell from room

Tips 2022-06-16 13:06:52 Home Life 351

1. Use an air freshener to spray a few times in the room with the smell of a hot pot. After some time, the smell or peculiar smell of the hot pot can be removed.

2. Dry the soaked waste tea leaves and put them in the corner of the room, and use the physical adsorption principle of tea leaves to remove the smell of the hot pot.

3. (1) Dip some diluted vinegar with a towel and wave it indoors. ② Light a few candles indoors, and the hot pot smell will be removed soon. (The burning of candles produces carbon black. The main component of carbon black is carbon, which has adsorption properties, so it can remove the smell of hot pot). (2) Put a bowl of vinegar indoors to remove the hot pot smell. (3) Hang a few wet sponges or a few wet towels in every corner of the room to remove the hot pot smell.

How to remove hot pot smell from room1

4. Cut lemons (including pulp) into pieces and put them in a pot, add a little water and boil them into lemon juice, and then spray them in the house with a sprayer for watering flowers to achieve eve deodorizing effect.

5. Open windows for ventilation.