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How to make a refrigerator to effectively avoid cross - infection of bacteria

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:55 Home Appliances 667

1. Open partition storage refrigerator

Not all open-door refrigerators have a partition storage effect, many are just pseudo partitions. For example, the following refrigerator is interlinked with the left and right sides, which can not play the role of partition storage and has no significance to open the door.

True to open the door partition refrigerator should be left and right sides of the door can partition, the two parts of independent operation, such storage food ability won't cross infection.

Put fruits, snacks, drinks, and other ready-to-eat foods without cooking on the left side, and also store facial masks and other skincare products. These foods generally have fewer bacteria and can be eaten without cooking and rinsing with water. Place food that needs to be cooked on the right side, cooked food on top, and raw meat on the bottom, to minimize cross-contamination of food in the fridge.

How to make a refrigerator to effectively avoid cross - infection of bacteria1

2. Refrigerator with reasonable function partition

Independent partitions on the left and right cannot solve all problems. There should also be an independent storage layer for each partition of the refrigerator to reduce the spread of odor and bacteria.

The cold room of this kind of refrigerator does not have any partition, and the food is easy to be contaminated by bacteria or taste.

The professional refrigerator should consider functional partition importance, how to plan good food ahead of schedule kitchen, the convenient consumer is used.