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What should I do if the marble coffee table is scratched?

Tips 2022-07-25 08:07:38 Home Life 705

Marble coffee tables have natural textures, and high hardness, and are particularly simple and atmospheric, so they are very popular with people. Many people will buy marble coffee tables and use them at home. But what if the marble coffee table is scratched?

What should I do if the marble coffee table is scratched?1

1. Apply an appropriate amount of refurbishment paste on the scratches of the marble coffee table, then wipe the scratches with a scouring pad until dry, and then grind repeatedly until the scratches are flush with other parts.

2. After the repair is completed, do the crystal surface treatment again to make the surface of the coffee table shiny. It has a double action, hardening the marble surface and adding brightness. When making a crystal surface agent, pay attention to its heat, to achieve the best effect corresponding to marble.

3. After completing the crystal surface, do the final polishing work. Marble polishing is still very important. Be careful not to use steel wool. Steel wool can cause the stone to rust. Animal hair pads are recommended for this most important process.