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What is the water stain treatment method for marble?

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A marble floor is a kind of stone floor that many families will lay now. Marble has a natural pattern, and the texture is hard, simple, and elegant, suitable for a variety of decoration styles. So what is the treatment method for marble water stains?

What is the water stain treatment method for marble?1

1. White vinegar. Water stains are generally alkaline and can be scrubbed with white vinegar. The acidity in white vinegar can neutralize alkaline stains. If the water stain area is relatively large or penetrates the marble, you can consider washing the citric acid with boiling water and then wiping it. Remember to wash with water in time after wiping to prevent corrosion.

2. Special cleaning agent for stone. The special cleaning agent for stone is specially designed to clean various stains on marble, including water stains. However, it should be noted that you must wear gloves when using it, otherwise, you will burn a layer of skin.

3. Black wax polishing. If water or other stains seep into the interior of the marble, rub the stain with steel wool first. It is then polished with black wax to restore the original luster of the marble.