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Is the down jacket machine washable?

Tips 2022-06-09 10:06:39 Clothing Care 560

It depends on the actual situation.

Many people will think that down jackets cannot be machine-washed, otherwise, it will lead to a shorter life of down jackets. Indeed, this has certain truth, but down jackets are usually large and heavy, which will be more troublesome if washed by hand. In this case, machine washing can be considered.

Is the down jacket machine washable?1

Only before machine washing, please pay attention to the cleaning instructions for down jackets. All down jackets have cleaning signs. If it shows machine washing, there is no problem with machine washing, but soft mode should be selected when machine washing and operation tips should be followed when drying.

However, if the down jacket label clearly states that it cannot be machine washed, then do not machine wash the down jacket to avoid damage, affecting its warmth, or reducing its life.