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How to choose the color of clothes for dark skin?

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In modern society, clothes have become decorative items for the human body, and are more of a reference to symbolize a person's living standard, consumption level, and social status. Many friends don't know how to choose the color of clothes with dark skin. Let's learn together.

How to choose the color of clothes for dark skin?1

1. Light color: Light color is a color that matches your skin tone very well, and it is also suitable for people with dark skin. Such as light blue, white, light black, or with color patterns.

2. Cool colors: Cool colors are also suitable for people with slightly darker skin. Girls can choose dark purple, gray-green, brown-red, or black.

3. Neutral color: Neutral color is a series of various shades of gray blended with black, white, or black and white. This color system can also choose black, white, gray, beige and wine red, dark blue, dark green, and other tones. But be careful not to mix too many colors, preferably not more than three.

4. White: White is a versatile color, suitable for all skin tones. When you don't know what color to wear, you can choose white clothes.