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What are the tips for fat people to wear clothes?

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Is there no way for fat people to lose weight except to lose weight? In fact, in addition to losing weight, they can also obtain visual weight loss effects through clothing matching skills. So what are the dressing matching skills for fat people?

1. Lose the "long". Wearing a long wool coat and a thigh-length loose dress always gives the impression of being fat and thin. So this is also the reason why such "long" clothes are popular with fat MMs. But "long" also has tricks: first, don't wear jeans under long clothes. Because trousers with thicker fabrics tend to make the buttocks appear larger, if you put a coat on the outside, this part will be more prominent. Tall and fat women are more suitable for slender or waisted models; while A-shape and O-shape are more suitable for locally obese girls.

What are the tips for fat people to wear clothes?1

2. There is a degree of "relaxation". For those MM who look slender as a whole but have some fat on the part, the appropriate "loose" clothes look thinner than the kind of "line-exposed" clothes. Although the tights highlight the curves, they also reveal the insufficiency of the figure. In particular, the small belly and fat legs that are "affixed with autumn fat" are even more bloated when they are put in a smaller size.

3. Beautiful out of the "skirt". In Japan, even in winter, the proportion of women wearing skirts is still as high as 98%. Since the "skirt" was born for feminine charm, it naturally has its magic power. There is an overall vision on the thighs. The white-collar workers who have lived on the grid for a long time may be worried that they will sit for too long, and they have already thick legs and dare not try it lightly. Choose the right style for you. The skirt can still modify the shape of the body and legs, and it adds "city scenery" while being sultry.