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How does Scindapsus aureus leaf hair yellow do?

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1.Change the way of watering

Reason: Pouring too much water will cause water accumulation in the soil, the roots of the plant soak in water, there is not enough oxygen to breathe, and it is easy to change to anaerobic respiration, thus producing alcohol. When alcohol builds up in the soil, the roots of the plant are damaged and unable to properly extract nutrients from the soil, which can't keep up, causing the leaves to turn yellow. In addition, if the plant is not watered for a long time, its leaves will turn yellow because of a lack of water.

Solution: if usually poured too much, it will be put in a ventilated place such as water volatilization, or simply give it a new soil without water, if usually forget to water, timely to it water.

2. Change the lighting conditions

Reason: The plant is suitable for growing in cool and shady conditions. Once exposed to strong light, it is easy to make the leaves get sunburned and turn yellow. In addition, if the plant does not see light for a long time, it will lack nutrients due to insufficient photosynthesis, and then turn yellow.

Solution: After being exposed to the sun, you need to cut off the sunburned leaves and put them in a cool place with scattered light. If there is no light for a long time, it is necessary to increase the light time appropriately, but not too long.

How does Scindapsus aureus leaf hair yellow do?1

3. Slowly maintenance

Reason: Plants have a certain dependence on the environment, suddenly leave the familiar environment, and will produce a maladaptive response, manifested in the leaf is yellow leaves.

Solution: Don't worry too much about this situation. We can try to give it the same growing conditions as before, such as light and humidity, and it will recover in a short time.

4. Top application of thin fertilizer

The nutrients in the basin soil are sufficient, the green radish can get enough nutrition, and the leaves are green and stylish. Fertilizer is insufficient, Scindapsus aureus leaves will appear yellow situation, farmers to timely topdressing nitrogen fertilizer so that leaves regain green.

5. Sterilization and deinsectization.

In the harm of pests and diseases, not only yellow leaves, there will be black edge drying, in the market to buy disinfection agents, after dilution spraying in the lesions, to alleviate the yellow leaves.