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Is Scindapsus aureus leaf yellow how to return a responsibility

Tips 2022-06-09 08:06:34 Home Life 386

Yellow leaves are a very common phenomenon. As long as you treat them well and maintain them carefully, they will soon be green again. The flower will come to talk to you below, Scindapsus aureus leaves yellow should do.

Is Scindapsus aureus leaf yellow how to return a responsibility1

Situation one: water yellow leaves

Because green plants like water, so flower friends may not pay attention to the excessive water to green plants, which will appear in the basin of water, and over time, there will be yellow leaves.


1, if the yellow leaves are not particularly serious, there is no root rot, you can put the green plants in the shade of ventilation, let the water in the pot side slowly evaporate out, and then pay attention to less water for the green plants, let the yellow leaves slowly recover.

2, if the yellow leaf situation is more serious, the root has been rotten, then it should be removed from the pot as soon as possible, clean up the soil on the root, and the black rotten root system all cut clean. Then re-pot the plant, choose loose, breathable soil, and place it in the shade.

Situation two: lack of fertilizer yellow leaves

In the growth process, if the long-term lack of fertilizer will appear in yellow leaves, not only the old leaves will turn yellow, and the new leaves will also turn yellow.


1, in time, to cut the yellow leaves, and then put the plant in a cool ventilated place for maintenance.

2, to pay close attention to adding nutrients to Scindapsus aureus and fertilization can also give Scindapsus aureus watering fermented rice water, which is very beneficial to the growth of Scindapsus aureus.