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Top 10 Tips for Cell phone battery maintenance

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Tip 1: Pay attention to charging your new mobile phone

New cell phone battery is using lithium batteries, and manufacturers have been activated, each new cell phone battery for electric, so the new cell phone three to five times before charging for adjustment, note per charge should maintain in 14 hours, to ensure that fully activate the activity of the lithium-ion, best use effect.

Tip 2: Lithium battery without discharge, as far as the possible slow charge

Many friends think that mobile phone batteries should be discharged before charging, it is not right, lithium batteries are not needed and can not discharge, now lithium batteries have no discharge function.

In addition, we suggest that when charging, try to charge in a slow way to reduce the loss of mobile phone battery. Note: no matter whether slow charge or fast charge, it should not exceed 24 hours, otherwise it will burn out the cell due to the huge electron flow generated by a long-time power supply.

Tip 3: Do not power off immediately after filling

When the mobile phone battery is charging, if the mobile phone or charger shows that it is full, please do not immediately cut off the power, because the mobile phone battery is only charged 90% at this time, should give the battery a period of recharge time, the battery is full before using, otherwise, it will shorten the use time.

Trick 4: Try not to boot when charging

If the mobile phone is still open when charging, the mobile phone battery will discharge outward due to the use of the mobile phone, and supply power inward due to the battery charging, which is likely to cause voltage disorder and heat the circuit board of the mobile phone. If there is an incoming call, the instantaneous backflow current will be generated, causing damage to the internal parts of the mobile phone.

Tip 5: Recharge after the battery runs out

The number of times a cell phone battery is charged determines its life. Typically, lithium-ion batteries can be charged/discharged about 500 times in a row before their performance deteriorates considerably. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to charge your mobile phone after the battery is exhausted or automatic shutdown.

Top 10 Tips for Cell phone battery maintenance1

Tip 6: Protect your phone battery

To mobile phone battery maintenance in place, but also should pay attention to the protection of the mobile phone battery, therefore, do not expose the battery to high temperature or cold, as the dog days, should not put the mobile phone under the sun, through the sun exposure; Or take the air-conditioned room, put it in the place where the air conditioner blows directly. When charging, the current product flows back and it is normal for the battery to heat up a little.

Tip 7: Need to activate after a long time unused

If the mobile phone battery has not been used for a long time, it should be activated at a special mobile phone maintenance point first. You can also use a DC constant voltage device to adjust the voltage to 5~6V and the current to 500~600mA to connect the battery in reverse. Note, one touch will be released, repeat up to three times, after such treatment, then use the original charger for "adjustment period" charging.

Tip 8: Charging time is not as long as possible

Mobile phone charging needs to pay attention to, not the longer the better charge time, no protection circuit or non-legitimate battery should be full of power off immediately, otherwise, it will be due to heat or overheating affect the performance.

The charge of the battery divided by the output current of the charger, for example: Take an 800MAH battery as an example, the output current of the charger is 500MA, then the charging time is equal to 800MAH/500MA=1, 6 hours, of course, this is only the theoretical time to calculate the full charge, when the charger shows that the charge is completed, it is best to give the battery about half an hour of recharge time. Lithium-ion batteries must use special chargers, otherwise, they may not reach the saturation state, affecting their performance.

Tip 9: Small details can extend battery life

After a long time of use, the cell phone battery will oxidize, which will lead to the automatic shutdown of the cell phone or automatic disconnection when talking. At this moment, usable small cotton swab or toothpick wraps towel paper to touch swab of a few alcohols ok. Do not use hard things to scrape, that will aggravate the bad contact. No alcohol can be substituted for high liquor. After wiping, wipe with a paper towel immediately to prevent alcohol from spilling and causing a short circuit between battery poles. A new battery needs to be fully charged and discharged three to five times before all of its chemicals are "activated" for optimal use.

Tip 10: Use your phone's original battery

To remind you, please try to use mobile phone manufacturers with the original mobile phone batteries and chargers, or use formal products, do not buy mobile phone batteries and chargers at street stalls or unreliable places.